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What do I do if my boombox does not recognize or playback my CDs?

If the CD is spinning but the boombox displays a message of “NO” or otherwise does not playback the disc properly:

• Ensure the CD is inserted properly. The spindle has a locking mechanism which prevents the CD from shifting out of place during
  playback. To ensure the disc is inserted properly press down on the disc in the area around the spindle. The disc should click into place
  when inserted into the player.

• Make sure the CD laser lens is not dirty or otherwise obstructed. This is especially true if the boombox is stored in a garage or a high
  dust environment.


To clean the CD player’s laser lens, follow this visual guide:

• Take a cotton swab and dip it in ethanol.

• Remove any excess ethanol by squeezing the swab with your fingers. The cotton swab should be damp but not dripping.

• Clean the lens of the laser (pictured below) by wiping with the cotton swab.

• Allow the lens to air dry before attempting to playback any media.


If the CD player does not display any message on the screen and the spindle does not spin:

Please make sure the boombox is set to CD mode. Every unit has a function switch which is located either on the left hand side or right hand side of the unit. The boombox will not play any discs when it is not set to CD mode.

If the CD player is set to CD mode and the spindle does not spin:

Please contact Tyler Customer Support




How do I transfer MP3 files to a flash drive or USB drive for playback?


Tyler CD players are capable of reading MP3s that are saved in a flash drive or SD Card (please refer to your product manual for specifications).


For the player to read MP3 files please be sure that :

• The MP3 files are not DRM protected.

• The music files are saved on the root of the SD Card of USB Flash Drive.

• The boombox system is set to USB/SD Card mode using the function switch on the side of the unit.


If you continue to experience issues with the USB MP3 function please contact Tyler support :


Please note our boombox systems cannot read encrypted MP3 files from devices that encrypt music files (ie : iPhone, iPod)

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